It’s simple: there is power in numbers. The time has come for folks working toward common goals (or against common threats) to break out of organizational silos, link arms, and build political power together. From numbers and solidarity grows newfound political strength. Let’s get connected.

How to Connect

  • Sign up to stay connected with Our 1st 100 Days activities and actions.

  • Join an organization that’s working on an issue you care about.

  • Attend events to build community with those who share your values.

Connect and Stay Informed


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Sometimes, caring is simply not enough. An informed citizen is an empowered citizen. Now is the time to match passion with smarts. If you’re reading this page, we’re pretty sure you have passion. Let’s all commit to upping our knowledge and getting more strategic about the issues for which we care so deeply.

How to Learn

  • Spend time learning about the organizations affecting change in our community.

  • Attend an Our 1st 100 Days educational event and discover something new!


Without action, knowledge holds no power. Regardless of how political tides may turn in any given election, our capacity to act – to volunteer, to run for office, to protest, to be seen, heard and counted – is always there. The story of American Democracy was written by doers, so let’s get moving.

How to Act

  • Many Our 1st 100 Days organizations offer actions you can take. Donate, give time, sign petitions, etc. The list is endless.

  • Go to an Our 1st 100 Days action event and become part of a movement!


When the future seems grim, the impulse to act and influence change can be exhausting. In trying times, pausing to celebrate community, friendship, place and the values we’re working to protect is more important than ever.

How to Celebrate

  • Create and share art! Express your love for the world around you and share it with the community.

  • There are many events on our calendar dedicated to nothing better than plain ole’ fun. Come play with us!